We understand that your wedding day should be the most special and unforgettable day of your life. That's why, at RockResorts, we are committed to helping you walk down the aisle with both peace of mind and satisfaction of heart. Whether you've always dreamed of a small and intimate ceremony in a Southwestern adobe church or an adventure-packed wedding in the Rocky Mountains, our dedicated RockResorts' staff will help make your wedding a truly unique and exceptional experience. As an added bonus, enjoy a complimentary anniversary stay when you choose a RockResort for your special day.  RockResorts is also committed to doing our part to support global environmental protection and to do this at our hotels and resorts an event planner will work with the bride and groom to incorporate more personal sustainability practices into their special occasion.  Learn more about Green Weddings at RockResorts.



RockResorts is proud to be part of Iconic Weddings. With Iconic Weddings, you can celebrate your one-of-a-kind wedding at the destination that is perfect for you. Our creative and dedicated Iconic Weddings specialists are committed to helping you design and execute your event from beginning to end. From venues and catering, to music and flowers, to guest lodging and transportation, we will work closely with you to make sure every detail is taken care of …flawlessly. Celebrate your special day with Iconic Weddings and creating memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime.
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RockResorts Wedding Destinations Include:



5 Ways to Make Your Colorado Mountain Wedding Unforgettable

You fell head-over-heels in love with your sweetheart. Now, you and your guests can fall for the majestic peaks and lush rolling valleys of Colorado.

It makes sense that many couples want to wed in one of our fantastic mountain resorts. If you’ve ever fantasized about having a destination wedding in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, we encourage you to start making that dream a reality.


colorado wedding

Here’s how:

Indulge in luxurious accommodations while you prepare for the big day. If you haven’t stayed at a RockResorts hotel before, you are in for the experience of a lifetime (you’ll also become a lifelong fan).

Each hotel property is replete with every modern amenity you could need, while still maintaining the simple elegance that could only come from Old World charm.

Relax and pamper yourself at our RockResorts Spas®. Every woman deserves to be treated like a queen on her special day, and our award-winning spas will ensure that you’re aglow from head to toe.

Book a session for the bridal party and treat your friends to some relaxation before wedding.


Arrabelle Spa

Our partnership with Iconic Weddings means you’ll have a picture-perfect day. Iconic Weddings has helped to organize weddings all over the world, and each event is as unique as the couple that’s headed down the aisle.

From an intimate affair to a blowout bonanza, let their staff help you plan all the details from menu to flowers and everything in between.

Plan a green wedding. If you’re of the eco-conscious persuasion, then RockResorts hotels are definitely the place for you to host your wedding.

Our founder’s vision was always to make certain each property goes above and beyond when it comes to sustainability, and it’s our pleasure to extend that option to your bridal party as well.

Enjoy a complimentary stay on your wedding anniversary. If you have your wedding at a RockResorts hotel, each year when your anniversary rolls around, enjoy a night on us! We’ll help you celebrate your love growing with every year that passes.

It’s hard not to fall in love with the Rockies. We wake up every morning and fall in love all over again, so we can understand why you would want to celebrate your love for one another in the splendor of these enchanting mountains.




10 Reasons to Get Married on the Beach in Jamaica!

There’s nothing quite like a beach wedding in Jamaica. It’s an event to remember.

But if our beautiful shoreline and crystal clear water aren’t reason enough to book your destination wedding at Half Moon Resort, then here are 10 more reasons to have a wedding on the beach in Jamaica:

High heels are overrated. When you have a beach wedding, you don’t need to worry about footwear, just make sure to get a stupendous pedicure from the Fern Tree Spa before you walk down the sandy aisle.

Sunrise, sunset or anytime in between, there is no bad lighting on a beach. No matter what time of day, beauty always prevails at Half Moon. If you’re worried about sunlight making you or your guests squint, fear not. Our staff is well accustomed to setting up shade appropriately.


beach wedding

Destination weddings require much fewer vendors. While it might seem like more work to plan a destination wedding, it’s actually much easier because you have a dedicated wedding planner on the island to help you iron out details and select everything from the flowers to the food.

They will take care of ordering everything for you. You just have to get your guests to the island.

There’s romance in the air! It’s impossible not to fall in love on a beach. With everything from couples’ massages to horseback rides, you and your fiancé are sure to fall more in love as each day passes.

You can walk from ceremony to reception. When you plan a destination wedding, very often the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception are all within steps of one another. Cut down on your travel time and increase your celebration time.

Get a tan while you’re getting married. That’s right: a nice tan before you even start your honeymoon.

White sand is the perfect backdrop for any color. Our pristine beaches make it easy to incorporate any color theme that you might have in mind.

Luxury resorts know how to treat a newlywed couple. We know it’s the little things that make your wedding day magical. From a bucket of champagne in your room to a romantic turn-down service, we’ll make certain it’s a day you lovebirds never forget.

The ocean breeze keeps the temperature just right. You and your guests can dance the night away without burning up from the heat. When your wedding is right on the ocean, the fresh air keeps everything comfortable.


sugar mill wedding

It’s a wedding unlike any other. When you look back at your wedding day, you want to remember it as the most perfect day of your life, so why not step out of the ordinary and have an unforgettable wedding on the beaches of Jamaica.

While you’re planning your wedding, why not take the time to talk to a professional wedding planner at Half Moon Resort? They will be able to answer all of your questions and give you a quote for your dream day.

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