Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding RockResorts’ services. The answers highlight what sets us apart from other resort operators and management companies. For more information or to discuss potential development opportunities, please contact us or peruse our development brochure.

How do I know if my property/project is suited for the RockResorts brand?

RockResorts is a luxury brand with a fifty-year tradition of managing distinctive hotels in highly desirable locations. Each RockResort has its own unique history, style, and natural beauty – from one of the first RockResorts, Caneel Bay, developed on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands, to the current portfolio of legendary resorts. Today, The Lodge at Vail exemplifies the ideal ski hotel, while La Posada de Santa Fe showcases luxurious Southwestern architecture and ambiance. At RockResorts, there is no template for design – simply a requirement that each property be luxurious and indigenous to its own unique environment.

When evaluating a property’s suitability to the RockResorts brand, we primarily focus on its quality and location. We require that all of our branded properties have features and amenities equivalent to at least AAA Four Diamond or Mobil Four Star levels. Regarding location, we do not require that properties be located in specific regions or settings.  In regard to size, we are quite flexible – our current properties range in size from approximately 50 to 300 keys.

We also manage non-RockResorts-branded hotels in several states, including the Vail Mountain Marriott Resort & Spa in Colorado, the Grand Teton Lodge Company in Wyoming, and others. For details on how we may be able to assist you with non-RockResorts-branded property management, please contact our development team.

What benefits can I expect from RockResorts management?

RockResorts offers a unique and valuable approach to third-party management contracts: a collaborative philosophy designed and executed by our highly skilled corporate team. The Colorado-based RockResorts office consists of executives with experience at some of the strongest, most reputable companies in the industry, while differentiating itself from other industry players by providing personalized service to each investment or development group.

Specific benefits to affiliation with the RockResorts brand include:

Are there any other development-related areas that RockResorts can assist with?

One of the benefits of being a subsidiary of Vail Resorts (a publicly traded company on the NYSE: MTN) is our ability to provide substantial resources and expertise in the following areas, many of which are applicable to resorts being developed today:

What other types of development-related services does RockResorts provide to properties?

We provide resort developers with Technical Advisory Services in order to ensure the resort is designed properly, not only from an operational perspective but from a ratings (i.e., AAA, Mobil) perspective as well. This includes assistance in the design phase to avoid the pitfalls that may preclude a property from receiving a desired (and appropriate) rating or from operating efficiently.

We also offer Marketing License Assistance services to properties that have a residential sales program. This involves providing access to our guest database and those of our affiliated companies, assistance in the preparation of condominium materials (including rental program materials and contracts, if any), and assistance in the creation and distribution of effective marketing materials.

Does RockResorts own its properties or manage them on behalf of third-party owners?

Both. At RockResorts, our core business strategy focuses on operating luxury destination resorts through fee-for-service-based management contracts. However, we are also owners of there RockResorts properties, so we have a keen understanding of the challenges faced by hotel owners.
My project contains a condominium or residential component (or I am exploring the option of a condominium or residential component), and I would like to receive the benefits of a rental program. Can RockResorts help?

At RockResorts, we have extensive expertise in the areas of development and conversion of luxury resort condominiums. For example, the owners of several RockResorts, including Snake River Lodge & Spa and The Lodge at Vail have added condominium components to their existing hotels while being managed by RockResorts. In addition, The Arrabelle at Vail Square, A RockResort currently under construction, received 573 reservations for 67 available units on the first day it went on the market. (To be considered, a reservation had to be accompanied by a $100,000 refundable deposit.)

In addition to condominium development and sales, we have extensive skills and experience running profitable, sustainable condominium resorts, as well as an established track record that few other companies can match. The majority of RockResort properties contain a condominium component; in fact, there are currently over 2,000 third-party-owned condominiums under our management. Our company and personnel have been managing condominium rental programs for over twenty-five years. As such, we can provide you with superior assistance in all stages of your condominium development, from the creation of properly structured contracts to the day-to-day management of your rental program and homeowner’s association.